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Happy 20th Anniversary Satoshi・*:.。.☆・:*:・★大野くん入所20周年おめでとう★・:*:・ 

Happy 20th Anniversary Satoshi・*:.。.☆

—Zero-G (AD 2014.10.06 Rip)

So Ohno is choreographing this PV he says.

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10-11 TOUR “Scene”〜君と僕の見ている風景〜 (The Scenery You and I are Looking at)

10-11 TOUR “Scene”〜君と僕の見ている風景〜
(The Scenery You and I are Looking at)

I’m glad I’m not the only one :)



arashilicious replied to your post “Stay Gold” just makes me think of “The Outsiders”. How many Arashi…”

Me! One of my initial thoughts…even before I thought of Sakumoto haha.

Stay Gold" just makes me think of "The Outsiders”. How many Arashi fans think the same? Maybe none :)

Limited Edition(Top, 16 tracks)
• Special packaging
 DVD PV of “Zero-G making” and making of(28min. 45sec. long)
 56-page booklet

Regular Edition(Bottom, 17 tracks)
 Bonus track: “Take Of!!!!!”
 32-page booklet

1. Zero-G
2. Wonderful
3. Tell me why
4. Asterisk
5. Imaging Crazy(Ohno Solo)
6. GUTS !
7. Disco Star(Aiba Solo)
8. 誰も知らない(Daremo Shiranai)
10. STAY GOLD(Jun Solo)
11. Bittersweet
12. メリークリスマス(Merry Christmas/Nino Solo)
13. キミの夢を見ていた(I was just dreaming about you)
14. One Step
15. Hey Yeah!(Sho Solo)
16. Hope in the darkness
17. Take Off!!!!!(bonus track)




SA overload on their return flight!

1) I was beside SA, Aiba was laughing, i was wondering what they were saying about so i strain my ears to listen to it. 
A: I know right, that manga is very interesting!
Aiba was saying things about manga, how cute is Aiba~ Sho went “un, un” in reply to Aiba, and probably slept after that.

2) Aiba kun was saying his body hurts, everyone went wah, sounded like the gear was changed. (note: i dont really get this)

3) SA were happily chatting, not long, Aiba’s head was on Sho’s shoulder, sleeping soundly. Sho watched over him with a smile.

4) There was something like a partition, each seat was separated. After the flight is stable, Aiba leaned towards direction of Sho and talked, and it kinda went with the flow he slept that way. 

fr twi

What cute stories(´∀`*) A couple of minor clarifications:

2) Everyone’s atmosphere was warm and fuzzy(“howa~n” is an onomatopoeia meaning that) and they seemed to be switching gears(winding down).

3) She *IMAGINED* Sho was warmly watching over him sleeping.

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Post the last pic saved to computer/phone


Picture I sent my little niece to tell her I’m sending one 

My Girl Hawaiian version on Music Station.

Ohno edits of TVG 2011.11

Afterthoughts of Arashi Blast in Hawaii

Personal impressions of the concert…

My husband and I were seated towards the back of section D5, near the center of the T-shaped main stage.

Somehow, seeing Arashi up close and in person made them appear even more elusive than on TV, like catching a glimpse of mythical beings, sparkling from outside this world yet near enough to charm your heart.

It was an experience to cherish and I hope to hold on to that positive energy for a long, long time.

Arashi Blast in Hawaiiの後で思ったこと





DeviClau-kun edits of Soda 2014.11 →



fyi, the Yelp page for the production company is here for anyone who wants to write a review.

While I had a great time once I got inside, I am still absolutely stunned at the deplorable behavior of the staff I witnessed this weekend. Racist comments,…